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Ivy is a masonry styled personal blog theme for the Ghost platform. Featuring a minimal, responsive, and content-focused design.

Ivy is a masonry styled blog theme, designed to organize your content into an space efficient grid layout. Posts in Ivy will change appearance to best fit their contents, be that an image, video, audio, link, quote, or status update. With its responsive layout, your blog will look pixel perfect on all devices, from mobile to the latest 4K displays. Supports the latest features added in the latest Ghost 0.4.0 release and includes compatibility support for future versions.

Responsive & Retina Design

Ivy has been optimized for all devices, be that a smart-phone, tablet, desktop computer, or even 4k screens. Using the latest responsive design approach, the layout will dynamically adjust to accommodate the device view-port ensuring pixel perfect representation.

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Blazing Fast Performance

Optimized for performance using the latest web technologies and techniques to ensure that pages load quickly. Using intelligent caching, image-less layouts, CSS3 design elements and SVG assets we keep our first-views below 1 second.

WebPage Speed Test A+ Google Page Speed 94/100

Masonry Layout

Masonry layout will automatically format your posts in the most visually pleasing and organized way. It works by placing elements in optimal position based on its dimensions and available vertical space. Requires no configuration or manual positioning.

Light & Dark Color Schemes

Includes light and dark style variants, which completely change the look and feel of the theme.

Multiple Authors

Includes integration for multiple authors with their own profile shown on posts, avatar, and author specific social links.

Social Profiles

Integrated social profile links for major platforms. Connect with your visitors via Twitter, Facebook, GitHub and more.

Retina Support

CSS3 elements & SVG icons scale perfectly on all resolutions, including high resolution devices such mobile phones, retina displays, and 4K monitors.

Syntax Highlighting

Present code in readable way. Ivy will use Rainbow.JS to automatically syntax highlight code blocks in your posts, without any extra code required.

Browser Support

Extensively tested to ensure compatibility with the most popular browsers including IE9+, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, iOS and Android.

Developer Friendly

Included Sass and JavaScript source files which allow developers to make advanced theme modifications. We include our Grunt task file for easy asset compiling.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimized using semantic HTML, responsive layout, mobile friendly design, JavaScript fallbacks and performance optimized assets.

Ghost Platform

Fully supports all Ghost platform features including author avatars, featured images, markup post contents, navigation builder and more.


Installation takes just a few minutes, and is simple with the provided in-depth documentation. Includes all the information to get setup and customized.

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Support Included

One business day theme support included with all our themes, and unlimited access to theme compatibility and feature updates.

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